Our storage facility is centrally located in Bradenton, allowing us to serve both residents and businesses around. Whether you are not sure how much time of self storage your belongings need or want to rent several units over the course of a few months while moving from a different area, our climate controlled options are an excellent option to keep your property safe and secure. If you are searching for secure storage in Florida, we want you to learn about some of the benefits you will get during your time with us. Check them out below!
Not just temperature control Air conditioning will keep you comfortable during your visits to the storage unit, but it’s not enough to bring temperature levels down. No matter your reason for storing goods, you should always check with the facility to make sure it offers humidity control as well. Fortunately, Swift Self Storage does not employ the term “climate controlled storage” lightly, meaning we regulate both the temperature and the humidity levels of our units.
Protection for delicate items Under certain conditions, paper can deteriorate, mold or mildew can grow on fabrics (clothing or upholstered furniture, for instance), and wood can contract, which may cause cracking. Whether it is due to blazing hot temperatures or high humidity, you can’t avoid these issues by simply storing your belongings in boxes – these sensitive items often require climate control.
A shield against Florida’s hot weather We all know how hot Bradenton can be. Since extreme temperatures in Florida are not a curious twist of fate, you have good reasons to rent a climate controlled unit for your belongings. This way, not only can you keep your items under the ideal conditions for short or long-term storage, but also take advantage of the protection these storage units offer against pests.
Flawless security features We have 24-hour recorded camera surveillance and our resident manager monitors the property throughout the day and night. With easy, wide-open access with a code system that works every time, you will feel more like an owner than a renter! Our team is always great to work with and goes out of their way to accommodate your storage needs, so call us today.